Pharmaceutical Clean Room Hepa Filter Box Air Outlet Installation Process Steps

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We are very glad that the old Belarusian customers continue to choose us as their reliable partner. The 120 sets of detachable HEPA BOX we produced for them in October 2022 have successfully arrived at their company. The design of this order adopts the detachable replacement filter. Customers save a lot of time and labor when changing the filter. The filter is U15 grade, with better efficiency and higher purification degree. Today we will talk about the installation steps and methods of HEPA BOX for more friends’ reference; 

The high-efficiency air supply port consists of three parts: a static pressure box, a high-efficiency air filter, and a diffuser plate. It is suitable for various levels, various roof structures or non-laminar flow clean rooms, and is used in working environments that require high cleanliness. The installation steps of the high-efficiency air supply vent are as follows.

Step 1: Installation of air outlet 

1. The size of HEPA filter and air outlet must meet the design requirements. It should be cleaned before installation.

2. Install and replace the air outlet of the high-efficiency air filter in the clean room, and the seam between the flange of the air outlet and the ceiling board should be sealed.

3. To install and replace the turret of the high-efficiency air filter in the technical mezzanine, the short pipe should be pee-embedded in conjunction with the civil construction before installation. If there is a crack between the short pipe and the ceiling plate, it must be sealed.

4. If the surface coating of the turret is damaged, it shall not be installed. After the air outlet is installed, it should be connected to the air duct immediately, and the opening end should be sealed with plastic film and tape. 

Step Two: Thoroughly Clean the Clean room 

1. Before installing the high-efficiency air filter, the clean room must be fully cleaned and wiped. If there is dust in the air-conditioning system, it should be cleaned and wiped again to meet the cleanliness requirements. If a high-efficiency air filter is installed in the technical inter layer or suspended ceiling, the technical inter layer or suspended ceiling should also be thoroughly cleaned and wiped.

2. After the clean room and purification air-conditioning system meet the cleaning requirements, the purification air-conditioning system must be tested. After continuous operation for more than 12 hours, clean and wipe the clean room again and install the high-efficiency air filter immediately.

3. The transportation and storage of high-efficiency air filters should be placed in the direction marked by the manufacturer. During transportation, it should be handled with care to prevent severe vibration and collision. 

Step 3: Leak detection of high-efficiency air filter before installation

1. Before installing the high-efficiency air filter, it must be unpacked at the installation site for visual inspection, including whether the filter paper, sealant and frame are damaged;

2. Whether the side length, diagonal and thickness dimensions meet the requirements; whether the frame has burrs and rust spots (metal frame); whether there is a product certificate,

3. Whether the technical performance meets the design requirements. Then check for leaks. Those that pass the inspection and leak detection should be installed immediately. When installing, it should be reasonably adjusted according to the resistance of each high-efficiency filter. For unidirectional flow, the difference between the rated resistance of each filter and the average resistance of each filter should be less than 5% .

Step Four: HEPA Filter Installation 

1. The frame for installing the high-efficiency air filter should be flat. The allowable deviation of the flatness of the installation frame of each high-efficiency filter is not more than 1mm. The correct installation method of high-efficiency air filter 

2. When the sealing between the high-efficiency air filter and the frame adopts methods such as gasket, self-adhesive, negative pressure seal, liquid tank seal and double-ring seal, the surface of the packing, the surface of the filter frame, the surface of the frame and the liquid tank must be sealed. Wipe clean. 

3. When the gasket is used, the thickness of the gasket should not exceed 8mm, and the compression rate is 25% to 30%. When the liquid tank is used for sealing, the height of the liquid level in the liquid tank must meet the design requirements, and there must be no seepage at the joints of the frame. When using a double-ring sealing strip, paste the sealing strip 

Do not block the holes on the ring cavity; both the double-ring seal and the negative pressure seal must keep the negative pressure pipeline unblocked.

4.When installing a high-efficiency air filter, the arrow on the outer frame should be consistent with the airflow direction. When it is installed vertically, the creases of the filter paper should be perpendicular to the ground.

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Post time: Dec-16-2022