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Pass Box

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Guangdong Qianqin Purification Technology  Co.,Limited


Honorable customers,

Thanks for choosing our purifying equipments!

Please read this introduction carefully before you use the pass box.

This brochure will introduce all specialties about the pass box. It is designed according to the principle of clean room. Please read the brochure with additional introduction if you use the special products. Meantime, this brochure will not explain to the products which just the material or size are changed. By safety reason, please reading carefully and safekeeping for reference.

In order to operation safely, please the appointers who supervise the machine must be professional. When the machine has any problem, please you contact the appointed person or our company.

We possess of excellent teams for our after-sales service in order to perfect service. the satisfaction of customers is our target. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.    



1.product characteristic and use

The QH series Pass-Box is a very universal equipment for the clean room. It has good effects on improving the clean-room’s condition, the quality of the production and the proportion of the finished product. It can widely use in every kinds of industry department and science lab, such as electron, national defence, exact instrument, pharmacy, agriculture and biology. 

2.Technology feature

Parameter specification

Production No. : QH-PB-400

Figuration Measurement (mm) :600*400*490mm

Working Measurement (mm) :  400*400*400 mm

Weight :25 Kg

3. configuration characteristic and element

As the sketch map, the Pass-Box makes up of cabinet, door and interlock device. The cabinet material use cold board plastic coated or entire stainless steel. The Pass-Box is a kind of assistant equipment of clean and purified room, mainly used in passing on small articles between clean room and clean room, unclean room and clean room, in order to reduce the times of opening door, to reduce the polluion in clean room to minimum extent.


1Inside wall adopts stainless steel board, which is flat and neat, brighted and wearable.

2. Doors in two sides with machinery or electronic interlock device makes doors in two sides not be in the open state at the same time.

3. Cabinet in two sides with interphone which can talk back ( free offer ) makes it pass on articles in two sides of cabinet conveniently.

4. Pass-Box with special seal stripe guarantee of the air preservation inside.

5. Adopt ultraviolet sterilization light.

Sketch for the Pass-box

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1.The door

2.The hermetical seal of glass

3.The doorknob

4.The white glass

5.The gemel

4.Adjust Installation

1.The Pass-box should flatly install on the wall.

2.The Pass-box, which need mount electron element, need a reliable grounding.

5. usage

1.The Pass-box use the electronic interlock device, so doors in two sides with machinery or electronic interlock device make door in two sides not be in the open state at the same time.

2.When using it, you can’t take the way of force, especially don’t open the two doors at the same time. < In this condition, we just can offer the servicing which need pat for it.

3.If you don’t use the Pass-box for a long time, you should pull out the power pin. And before you stop using, you need clean it with the cleaner and some other tools that can’t produce fibre, for fear rust the box. If you use it again, do this in the same way.


Malfuntion Reason Solution
Doors can’t be interlocked( mechanical interlock ) Interlock device is broken Adjust the fastener on the door
Doors can’t be interlocked device is broken( electronic interlock ) Interlock device is broken Change a new interlock or another internal fittings


This production do not need special maintaining, it is suitable to use daily maintain.

8 Transportion and store

(1)This purification cell could be transported by normal vehicle, but in this process, make sure it’s water-proof.

(2)This purification cell should be stored in the house that temperature is between -10℃~ +40℃;the relative humidity should be lower than 80% and without acid and alkali corrosive gas.

9. Unpacking and examination

1).When you open the box, please be careful for fear damage the purification cell.

2).When you open the box, please check it whether it is your order production. If you have any question, please contact me in a week.

      Please pay attention to following circumstances:

          1) Do not operate the power switch in a short time again and again..

          2) This production can not have guard against riot ability, so do not operater in the circumstance of flammability and easy-blast.

          3) Please do not touch the element in the production. If you really need, please cut off the power first.

          4) Strictly prohibit refit the machine, or it will result in getting an electric shock or fire.

          5) When you need to examine the machine, please cut off power.

          6) Do not put heavy thing on the power line, or else it will be broken to get an electric shock or fire.

          7) When you change a new fuse, please make sure its capacitance is in the rated losd.

          8) If you do not use for a long time, please pull out the BNC connector plugs.

          9) If there is some special thing happened, please stop using and connected our company.

          10) Please connect the power line with a natural BNC connector jack.



1) from the date you buy this production,we would start to calcuate the guarantee. In guarantee period, if in correct operation status, the production has any problem, we would supply service for free. The customer should save this document and supply it to us when you need service. Normally, the guarantee period is 12 months.

2) We will provide a charged service for the follow status:

      ¡ Customers can’t to show the warranty or valid receipt.

      ¡¡ The warranty hasn’t the stamp, date and retailer’s name. The malfunction caused by the operation method, which it didn’t follow the introduction.

      ¡¡¡ The malfunction caused by disassemble, repair and refit without manufacturer authorization.

3) The warranty’s item must be written by the customers and the period for 12 months.

4) We can’t renew the warranty for any missing.

Maintenance record:

Maintenance date Malfunction and solving


Sign for examination

Equipment warranty card

Product   Period of validity  
Model №  
Producing date  

The follow the table be wrote by the retailer.

Customers name


Contact №






Purchase date



Retailer (with stamp) Guangzhou YN Co., Ltd.
Contact name   Telephone 86 0769 89202768


Product name

Pass box 



Inspection sort

                       Factory inspection

Inspection items

(1)HEPA filter            
(2)Technology terms
                            Test  Results


Test Items

Technology Requirement

Test Result





No scar, no uneven and uniformity of spray-paint

No scar , no uneven and uniformity of spray-paint




Measurement base on draft

Measurement base on draft



Interlock systerm


Interlock is credible

Interlock is credible




The Pass box reaches the thchnology requirements





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