Laminar Ceiling Series Installation Instructions

Legend: 2600*1400*5 million level ceilings (100-level and 1000-level ceilings are installed in the same way)

Laminar Ceiling Series Installation Instructions1

Laminar Ceiling Series Installation Instructions2

Abstract: Combining with the site, this article elaborates on the laminar flow ceiling installation specification of our company.

Key words: site; laminar flow ceiling; installation instructions with the configuration of hospital hardware and medical equipment Upgrading, especially for the ultimate filter device (laminar flow ceiling) of air purification equipment, puts forward a lot of high demands. Such as safety, rust prevention, air tightness, heat preservation, etc.

1. Box assembly

1.1. To connect the roof, first find a relatively horizontal ground, and use about 1.0 ÿ (400*2500)

2-4 pieces of color steel plates are paved on the ground. Butt the two halves of the top plate on the color steel plate, with the square tube facing

On the top, there are 4 or 6 ÿ14mm connecting holes on the square tube on the butt surface, and 4 or 6 M12*70 outer

Hexagonal bolts (with washers) are connected and locked. M6*15 external hexagonal bolts for both side panels and gauze fixing frame

(With gasket) The connection is locked, the lower plane of the rear top plate, and the two sides should be flat (the middle two with semi-arc cover plates,

Assemble after hanging the shadowless lamp). As shown in the picture:

Laminar Ceiling Series Installation Instructions3

1.2. M12 stainless steel fixed screw rod assembly, put the M12*390 mm screw rod through the bow

Lock the lifting hole (ÿ15mm) with two M12 nuts. Adjust the horizontal direction with nuts.

1.3. Hanger assembly, use 4 pieces of 50*50*100mm short hangers with 2 pieces of M12*50mm outer

Hexagonal bolts (with washers) are connected and locked on the sides of the box on both sides, and then two pieces of 50*50*290mm long

The hangers are respectively connected and locked on the middle box with 4 M12*50 mm outer hexagonal bolts (with washers).

1.4. After the cabinet is assembled and hoisted, after the color steel plate ceiling has been drilled or the electrolytic plate ceiling has been assembled, On the floor ceiling corresponding to the hoisting holes of the laminar flow ceiling, install 6 expansion screws respectively.

Lock or weld the corresponding length of screw or angle iron according to the scene. Installation of hanging hoists on floor ceilings or Hoist the thick rope to lift the static pressure box, the bottom of the static pressure box is connected with the color steel plate ceiling or electrolytic plate ceiling The lower plane is even. The screw goes through the hanger hole and is locked with an M12 nut.

1.5. The assembly of the filter frame and the static pressure box requires the cooperation of two people, one standing on the scaffold, the other One on the ceiling, respectively align the screw holes of the four filter boxes with the screws on the static pressure box, Use 10~12 M6*15 external hexagonal bolts (with washers) to connect and lock them on the box.

1.6. Install the high-efficiency filter, plug the outer filter frame of the filter, pay attention to distinguish the direction, and then Use M10*110 to pass through the filter to press code, and use M10 nut to lock.

1.7. Laminar flow ceiling anti-rust treatment, static pressure box, parts where the paint is peeled off need to be repainted by automatic hand spraying, If the screws and nuts are rusted, they must be replaced. The end of the screw rod is connected to the explosion-proof angle iron to be painted with anti-rust paint.

1.8. Laminar flow ceiling sealing treatment, static pressure box, filter box splicing, screws, pull nails through holes are all Use neutral glass glue to seal the static pressure box.

1.9. Laminar flow ceiling insulation treatment, static pressure box, outer wall of filter box. Use 10-15 mm thick insulation The cotton is covered with no gaps. Rubber water is used for glue.

2. Assemble the gauze aluminum frame. Use 6 spring clips on the gauze aluminum frame. Fasten the body, and pay attention to protect the damping gauze from damage during installation.

3. Finally, the airflow compensation body is installed, and the compensation body in the middle of the box needs to be installed after the shadowless lamp is installed. Finally, use 4 pieces of M5*12 stainless steel to lock up on the corresponding screw holes of the cabinet.

4. Clean the laminar flow ceiling, start the air supply and air conditioner for 30-60 minutes, remove the dust on the inner wall of the air duct, Blow off the slag, and blow off the dust on the inner wall of the static pressure box and the aluminum frame with an air gun. Turn off the air conditioner, use a clean rag, Use Tianna water to wipe the inner wall of the filter box clean.

5. Final cleaning, the installation is complete

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